Church Services

Fridays and Sundays

*9am-10am Annointment.
*10am-11am Youth Teachings.
*11am-12pm Testimonies
*12pm-2pm Preaching and Teachings.
*2pm-3pm Visions/Prophecies.
*Service Close at 3pm.
*Individual counselling-3.15pm to 4.30pm.


Upcoming Journey of the Holy Spirit

Rome (The Vatican) 31st July 2014 to 7th August 2014.


Spreading the word of the Holy Spirit in Haiti

Spreading the word of the Holy Spirit in Egypt

The Ten Commandments
  1. You shall have no other Gods but me.
  2. You shall not make for yourself any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it.
  3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
  4. You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy.
  5. Respect your father and mother.
  6. You must not kill.
  7. You must not commit adultery.
  8. You must not steal.
  9. You must not give false evidence against your neighbour.
  10. You must not be envious of your neighbour's goods. You shall not be envious of his house nor his wife, nor anything that belongs to your neighbour.
Our Sabbath

*Friday is the Sabbath day as given by the Holy Spirit, because our Jesus Christ was King of the Sabbath and He rested on a Friday, therefore Friday became the Sabbath day.
*Apostles mean the followers of the Holy Spirit.
*The Holy Spirit through Father Isaiah and the Friday Apostles aims to change lives throughout prayer and the Word of God.

Why We Pray in English

In 1972 a man from Makoni, Zimbabwe named Learnard Radzokota was anointed by the Holy Spirit as Prophet Isaiah; he formed the Friday Apostles (Johane Masowe yeChishanu) congregation in Bradford England in 2004. He is the first man to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to conduct this ministry in English so that all the nations can understand the Holy Spirit through Johane. He has been sent to gather the nation with the Holy Spirit and through the English language he is able to reach all other nation who do not speak or understand the Shona language.

Spreading the word of the Holy Spirit in India

Friday 2nd August 2013 Israel Prophecy. 6am.

As we prayed at 6am at the Jerusalem Gardens Hotel, the Holy Spirit on Father Isaiah said as we will be moving up and down in Jericho, we will meet a man whom he shall shake hands with, as Father Isaiah shakes hands with this man, there is something which he will be passed on to the body of Father Isaiah. Apostles were encouraged not to be concerned or worried. When we got to the spring pool of Elisha, Apostles witnenessed this encounter unfolding. We met a man whom Father Isaiah shook hands with. He [Father Isaiah] also said he had a vision of a half moon, a star and a cross. This vision had been seen in front of us as we moved around. Apostles were cleaned in the River Jordan on this day. Present were the following apostles: Father Isaiah, Mother Gertrude, Mother Emma, Mother Agnes and Mother Ruth, [Children Mother Rebecca, Mother Magdalene and Mother Tanaka-Lisa]

The Mountain of John – As we prayed in Jericho, the Holy Spirit said he has seen a star being given to each and every one of us as we prayed in the Wilderness of Jericho. Prophetess mother Emma saw a vision of a half moon and a star. She said a cross had been formed. The song St John was sung.  A man appeared on a chariot and all of us managed to get on it. The man said he was moving and ready. He said he will move in his own way and thanked us for our humbleness. He said he had healed all our illnesses.

Prophetess Mother Tryphine saw a vision of a light in front of us. She saw a lot of bloodshed after we leave Jerusalem and asked the Apostles to pray for Israel. As we prayed in the River Jordan, the Holy Spirit on Prophetess Mother Emma said the water in River Jordan has been changing colours. This was the purification of the mind, body and should. She said it is now up to the individuals to accept this in their hearts and maintain a holy living.

As we came back from the tour, we prayed at 6pm. The Holy Spirit said he saw a lamb in the bus and a dove on top of the bus as we were driven around. Father Isaiah said that now we have seen the Mount of Temptation, when we think of singing we need to ask ourselves “Am I the Mount of Temptation? Ask yourself who are you that The Holy Spirit has brought you here”


On Gay Marriage - Israel

If Israel allow gay marriage, that would be the end of Jerusalem. The Lord does not like gay marriages as this will become profane. Sex change also forbidden by the Holy Spirit. Below is the tomb similar to which Jesus was buried.

Miracles Done by The Holy Spirit

2004 -The Malawians were the first people to move with the Holy Spirit. They received jobs, marriages, children etc. One Prophet was born and taught the ways of the Holy Spirit. She went back to Malawi and opened a congregation, but she had no support from the elders who were moving with her. They left after being blessed.

South Africans were the next nation and there was a woman who was brought in a wheel chair. She was a nurse by profession, but was struck by an illness that caused her limbs to be numb. She was asked by the Holy Spirit to walk to her car without a wheel chair. She was able to so and never used the wheel chair again.

There was a gathering of all apostles in the UK. The English speaking group was denied by the Shona speaking congregation. The South Africans and Malawians could not speak Shona and the other Apostles were asked to open a College to teach apostles Shona.  The Holy Spirit chose to accommodate those that could not speak Shona by praying and preaching in English.


Elder Benjamin was blessed by the Holy Spirit. He requsted for a child. Three mothers were anointed together with his wife. The Lord prophecied that the three mothers will be pregnant and have three boys. The elder said he can identify you are the true Holy Spirit if the women get pregnat and safely deliver boys. All the three mothers delivered boys, Simon, Abraham and Emmanuel. They were brought to church for anointment. Since then, all the journeys the Holy Spirit travels, a child has to be placed on a cloth. The verse of Mercy and Hossana has to be sung. If the child cries, there is no journey.


A Mountain of Peace

In 1995 when the apostles were gathered in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe. The Holy Spirit showed them the vision of a mountain; where there was a man on top of the mountain calling all prophets of Johane Masowe to come where he was. All the prophets tried to climb where he was. None of the prophets could reach where the man was but they only could climb to a certain level and prayed.

The mountain was identified as a Mountain of Peace. When the apostles went to India in 2009 , they were shown this mountain which they identified as Baba Rock. The Holy Spirit said Father Abraham prayed on that mountain, that is why they call it Baba Rock.


The Apostles

*The Apostles should give respect to one another regardless of age.

*All men are called madzibaba meaning Fathers and all women are called madzimai meaning Mothers.

*Each and every one is called by their first name e.g. Father Johane and Father Emmanuel.

*The Holy Spirit has said that when we are born our blessings fall upon our first names.

*On gathering, the Apostles take off their shoes signifying the holiness of the place where they are gathered.

*They are not to wear any dark coloured clothes.

*Fathers are commanded to wear khaki or white shorts with a white t-shirt and put on white robes with a belt and a white cloth.

*Mothers are commanded to wear white skirts with a drawstring with white t-shirts and to put on white robes with a belt and a cloth.

*Mothers have to cover their heads with a long white veil which sweeps the ground.

*The Apostles have certain dietary laws such as: not to eat camel, rabbit, pig, hare, eagles, vulture, red kite, horned owl, any kind of hawk, the stork, any kind of heron or bat.

*Apostles may eat any animal that has a split hoof completely divided and that chews the cud, such as cow, goat.


" When you have peace you can receive love, with love you can pray, but you can only do this by giving yourself time to meditate." Father Isaiah

Elders at Glenharm, Nothern Ireland

Our Mission

We believe in the Trinity. The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

*We believe in the same Commandments of God as given to Moses, and we believe these should be the foundation of our lives.
*We aim to live above these commandments and beneath them.
 *We bring the message of hope salvation to all nations to enable them to share the faith of our LORD Jesus Christ through Love and Peace.

Thus our mission is: TO GATHER THE NATIONS

Sunday 4th August 2013 Prophecy

Prophetess Mother Emma spoke as she was in spirit. “A strong light appeared and a voice asked “Are you feeling my presence?” A man came and a bright light appeared. It was so bright that no one could look into it. The Holy Spirit said no one can identify me by your eyes but I am among you. There was a man who appeared and was running very fast. He stopped and tied all the Apostles together and said “You are now one.” I will move with you now. He said congratulations to all of you as I had promised you the journey was there. The Holy Spirit is encouraging you Apostles to forget all your worries. You need to set yourself free and get connected to the Holy Spirit”

Monday 5th August 2013. 6am Prayer. Israel

Father Isaiah “As we are in this land, let us all pray so much and ask for wisdom. You came on this earth with nothing and will return with nothing. Ask for wisdom. I saw the wind blowing gently. Three men appeared and identified themselves as Abraham, Jacob and Andrew. A big light appeared and everyone was asking for water. Andrew managed to give us the water and washed our face. He said he is the one who has called us to this land. A crown was placed on Abraham’s head. He said the crown was heavy, but we should not remove it. He also had a golden belt tied to his waist and he managed to hand over the belt to the Friday Apostles. The Holy Spirit explained to say these are the blessings which have been handed over to the congregation. The encouraged to maintain peace, not argue for the blessings to remain with the Apostles. A man of healing also appeared, and he said he was among the apostles and he was going to heal them from all forms of diseases and illnesses. ”

Message to Elders

The elders were asked to ask for wisdom. The Holy Spirit said that in front of the elders appeared a pond which had a lot of fish. Some of the elders were throwing stones at the fish saying we need this fish. The Holy Spirit said “It is only me who can give you the fish.” The Elders were asked to put their feet in the pond to get the fish. Finally the Holy Spirit said I have removed the blanket of death which was thrown upon the congregation of the Apostles.

Envelopes were handed to each Apostles and the word said that all of us have a job to do for our God whilst we are all gathered here. A field full of wheat was seen and bags were being filled. These are the blessings for all the Apostles who follow Johane Masowe.

A crown was seen as being placed on our fathers head. The Holy Spririt went on to say that he has added more on what he already has. The Holy Spirit was asking the Apostles to put their minds together, and leave things of the Holy Sprit to the Holy Spirit.

Yesteryear, the Holy Spirit in Africa said it wants people who can travel and do the work of the Holy Spirit. It went on to say it has send people to Europe, not to make money but do the work of the Holy Spirit. The Prophecy said Ginacios was the leading angel but people were not able to understand him so he was very harsh and could draw a line for the people who had not obeyed until they return back to the Holy Spirit.



*Apostles are encouraged to have fortnightly or monthly all night prayers in their respective branches. Mothers are encouraged to attend as much. Our Lord said “where two are gathered in my name I shall be there.” Apostles are encouraged to unite and love one another.


Welcome to Friday Apostles - Johane Masowe.   

We are Friday Apostles, a Congregation that follows the Holy Spirit. We are based in the United Kingdom and have three Congregations. Our main branch is in Sheffield and the  other two are in London and Manchester.


We would like to thank Friday Apostles congregants, members from other congregations, relatives and friends for your great support during the funeral and memorial service of our late Elder Father Joel. The memorial service was succesfully held on 05 April 2014. We also would like to thank you all for your compassion and pitious prayers raised during these sorrowful times.

May Peace and Love Be Upon You.

Thank You.

Council of Elders.




It was a great joy that we were all gathered in Preston - Manchester on New Year’s Eve.  All congregations, London, Sheffield and Manchester were fully represented. We entered 2014 with a great jubilation. It was a night of prayer. We thank the Lord.

The Parable of the King and his prophets. The Holy Spirit spoke to us, and as usual, started with a parable. Once upon a time, there was a king whose army was facing a big battle. The king was so much worried and wanted to know the outcome of the impending battle. He had one hundred prophets in his kingdom. He consulted ninety-nine prophets he trusted, for they always said things he loved to hear. The ninety-nine prophets prophesied and told the king that victory was certain.

However, there was one prophet the king was reluctant to consult because he would say the truth as it is. Due to the nature of the battle he was facing, he had no option, but to consult him. The last prophet was called to face the king. On arrival, the other prophets ridiculed him. The king ordered the last prophet to give his prophecy.

The out of favour prophet bowed in front of the king and said, “Oh King, victory is yours, you are going to conquer.” The king said, “Prophet, tell me the truth, and the truth only.” The prophet replied, “Oh King, because I fear my Lord in Heaven, the living God, this is the outcome of this impending battle. Listen carefully.” Everyone in the palace stopped talking, there was a great silence. The prophet said, “Oh King, your days are numbered, in this battle you are going to perish. You are going to be beheaded.” A deafening silence followed and the king was petrified; he knew that this prophet will never say things to merely please him. This was the truth. True to the words of the prophet, the king’s army lost the battle and his head was chopped off in the battle.

The Holy Spirit used this parable to remind apostles that the word of God, when delivered by prophets, will not select favourites. The Holy Spirit can speak on any one, even your enemy. The Holy Spirit loves us all. This includes worshipers, non- worshippers, sinners, murderers, robbers, prostitutes, revellers etc.

Therefore, apostles are encouraged to do what the Holy Spirit says, not what the prophets do. We should not be judgemental and must trust to leave the work of the Holy Spirit to the Holy Spirit.  

The Parable of the Lion and Rabbit. The Holy Spirit continued with his teachings. He told us another parable. A hungry lion had gone for three days without food. The lion prayed, and prayed, and prayed again and again for food to be provided. On the third day, the hungry and now weak lion opened its eyes, and behold, a few meters away, a rabbit was nibbling at some grass. As the lion was getting ready to pounce on the now hapless prey, the rabbit saw the predator. Fear paralyzed the rabbit and it started praying to God for deliverance.  The Holy Spirit asked the congregants,“ if you were God, will you allow the lion to kill the prey, or enable the rabbit to escape?”

Similarly to the Lion and Rabbit parable, the devil is the lion and we are likened to the rabbit. Satan will ask God for permission to torment us. Even when Satan tormented Job, he asked God’s permission first. The prophecies we are given by the Holy Spirit will not come to pass if we only kneel on our knees and ask the Almighty Lord for his deliverance without acting upon the prophecy. For instance, one has to get out of bed to be able to get food on the table. Similarly to a farmer, he has to till the fields, plant seeds, water and add manure to the crops as they grow. If the farmer does not attend to his crops, despite him kneeling down and asking God for food, he will not harvest anything.

Some of the prophecies given to apostles do not come to pass as we fail to act upon them. Instead, we will resort to blaming the Holy Spirit and the prophets who delivered the prophecies. Yes, apostles cannot be stopped from blaming their prophets, but, they should never ever blame the Holy Spirit. God the Holy Spirit is holy; He is the Spirit of truth and you must never blame him. No one has seen the Holy Spirit. Even Moses could only see a burning bush...Whoever abides by the Ten Commandments is the one the Holy Spirit loves. The Holy Spirit is our comforter, counselor, a helper, an intercessor, an advocate, and a strengthener.

The Holy Spirit reminded apostles of the three commandments they struggled to maintain in 2013. Viz:  

  •  You shall have no other Gods before Me. Many apostles are now worshipping idols as they are getting attached to worldly materials.
  •  Honour your father and mother, that your days may be long.
  • You shall not commit adultery.

The Lord said, “You shall have no other gods before me.” The Holy Spirit is encouraging apostles to pray to their God. There are so many objects on this earth we can worship without realising that we have made them idols. If one sets a mobile phone alarm to wake him or her up for the three hourly interval prayers, he or she is making an idol out of that mobile phone. The three hourly interval prayers should be in your conscience, even in the middle of the night; wake up and pray. Apostles often get prayers stones from their prophets. Instead of worshipping our Lord, they will worship the prayer stone. Others will resort to worshipping certain prophets within their congregations and the church at large. Apostles must have a relationship with their God. Build and nurture that relationship. Daniel was not afraid of the lions because he had faith in his God.  He had built a relationship with God.

The Holy Spirit has seen all sorts of illnesses affecting the apostles in 2014, especially heart and leg problems. Apostles are encouraged to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit before visiting the hospitals. Families must maintain peace within their families. The Holy Spirit will be amongst the apostles as long as there is peace within them. The Holy Spirit will live within and amongst the apostles.

27 December 2013. Last Friday of 2013. The Parable of the farmer and his cattle.  End of year [2013] teachings were delivered in the form of a parable by the Holy Spirit. A farmer who owns a herd of cattle will do everything he can to ensure their safety. He feeds and waters them every day. At dusk, he makes sure they are safely protected in their cattle pens. The farmer is the one who knows the right time to take them out of the cattle pen grazing. The farmer is in control and the cattle have got little or no free reign. To some extent, they have got no independence. Even when they go astray, the farmer will fetch and herd them to the paddocks of his choice.

Similarly to the short parable above, the moment we become apostles and surrender our freedom to the Holy Spirit, we are guided and taken care of us. We may go astray, become stubborn, attempt to hide, the Holy Spirit will still look after us and continue to show us its affection. Some of us could be committing adultery, not honouring our mother and father, worshipping idols, still, like a devoted farmer to his cattle, the Holy Spirit keep watching. The gist of the parable is, allow the Holy Spirit to take care of you. Submit wholly to the Holy Spirit. Accept the Holy Spirit into your life. Follow the Holy Spirit and allow him to guide you.

As apostles, we are encouraged to live with Jesus Christ and he will live within us. The Holy Spirit, given to us by God through his son Jesus Christ, will not stay with us, but live within us. The Holy Spirit emphasised the term LIVE, because by living with and within us, Jesus Christ is with us forever and ever.

The latter part of the teachings focused on the dangers of worshipping idols. Apostles were discouraged from getting too much attached to material things, such as cars, houses and other worldly things. Instead,  apostles are encouraged to get attached to The Holy Spirit. We were born naked and shall return to earth naked, but The Holy Spirit knew us even before we were born.

 Upcoming Journey of the Holy Spirit.  Rome (The Vatican) 31st July 2014 to 7th August 2014.   

   Below are images of apostles who visited Israel in 2013.